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About Us

Who are Kantun Devs?

We are a team of developers, designers, project managers, and business consultants. We started out in our home town of Rijeka, Croatia, where our headquarters is still located, but soon started working globally with mostly U.S. based clients. 

Kantun means “corner”. It’s a corner for technology professionals to grow their skills, get exposed to the global market and do their best work. 

Our Mission

Be a great place to work, and be the best technology partner

We are always thinking about ways to keep Kantun a great place to work. We want to be THE place where you will start or grow your career, and support you with knowledge, interesting projects, and fascinating colleagues. We have strong partnerships in the U.S. that allows us to give our team members exposure to best practices, insight into an entrepreneurial way of thinking, and experience working in global teams.

At the same time, our partners are connected with tech talent that shares their values like accountability, autonomy and critical thinking. We care about a culture of innovation and autonomy and all our team members reflect that. Also, we are a fun group of people to spend 8 hours a day with!

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